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Salt, representing physical matter, material, and the body is represented by a line within the circle. Water, the element of feeling, the senses and emotion is symbolized by a downward facing triangle.

This integration of the body and emotion becomes saltwater.


Our promise to you...

Our intention for each one of your sessions is for you to have the most profound experience possible which begins at the moment you come through the door. We do our best to extend the passion and gratitude we hold for being able to do work that we love. We approach each session holding space for whatever it is you need and whatever may arise from the moment you walk through the door. We want to deliver the most effective treatment for you that day which may mean we do the exact same thing as the week before or something completely different.

Our promise to you is to show up 100 percent each day, mind, body and spirit, and to care for ourselves as much as we preach it so that we can continue to show up for you. Thank you for helping us live our life's purpose. We look forward to seeing you at our next session together!




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Without the body, there could be no meeting of souls.
— Marion Woodman


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